Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software (meaning Brazilian Association of Software Companies) – is the most representative organization in the sector, with around 1,600 associate or partner companies in 23 Brazilian states plus the Federal District, which generate over 120 thousand direct jobs and an annual revenue of US$20 billion. ABES associate companies represent 85% of the revenue in the segment of software development and sales in Brazil and 33% of the total revenue in the IT sector, corresponding to US$60 billion in software sales, IT services and hardware in 2014. Since its foundation on September 9, 1986, ABES has taken up the mission of representing the sector in the legislative and tax-related fields, proposing and shaping policies to strengthen the value chain in the Brazilian Software and Services Industry – IBSS, defending intellectual property and fighting both national and international software piracy, in addition to supporting initiatives that incentivize research, development, innovation, and the development of national software.


[ONLY PORTUGUESE] A ABIPTI é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que reúne e representa instituições públicas e privadas de ciência e desenvolvimento tecnológico. Fundada em 1980, a ABIPTI é uma entidade sem fins lucrativos que reúne entidades públicas e privadas de pesquisa, desenvolvimento e inovação tecnológica (EPDIs), por meio de seus associados. Possui 157 associados/EPDIs das cinco regiões do Brasil. Sua missão é representar e promover a participação das EPDIs brasileiras na criação e implementação de políticas voltadas para o Sistema Nacional de Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação (SNCTI).




Amec gathers 59 foreign and domestic institutional investors responsible for managing investments of approximately $ 400 billion Reais in the Brazilian stock market. Amec (The Association of Capital Markets Investors) was founded on October 26th, 2006, as an initiative by independent and financial institutional investors to defend the rights of minority shareholders and promote the development of the Brazilian stock market. To achieve these objectives, Amec fosters debates and discussions among its members, in compliance with strict internal governance guidelines and through the management of conflicts of interest. Issues are discussed by its Technical Committee and further submitted to its Management Board and Board of directors for approval. Since its creation in 2006, the Association has become the main discussion forum for institutional investors with regard to corporate governance practices and investors’ rights in Brazilian companies, in line with the most recent international recommendations. At the same time, Amec’s recommendations have been increasingly recognized by investors, companies and regulatory entities, a result of the Association’s relevance and independent approach.


We are the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association. The entity has the purpose of representing and defending the interests of more than 270 members including banks, asset managers, brokers, securities dealers and investment advisers, which reflects the plurality and independence of our association. We work for the representation and coordination of our members’ interests, locally and internationally, and are dedicated to the development of a stronger capital market in Brazil. ANBIMA was created in October 2009 by the merger of the former National Association of Investment Banks (ANBID) and the former National Association of Financial Market Institutions (ANDIMA), institutions that had represented the market for more than four decades. Our mission is based on four commitments: represent, self-regulate, inform and educate.

Anjos do Brasil

Anjos do Brasil is a not-for-profit organization to encourage angel investing in support of innovative entrepreneurial projects. We act on three fronts with a view to sharing skills, experiences and business opportunities for angel investors and entrepreneurs.


[ONLY PORTUGUESE] A ANDE é uma rede internacional de organizações que impulsionam o empreendedorismo em mercados emergentes. Nossos membros oferecem serviços críticos de financiamento, capacitação e assistência técnica para “Small & Growing Businesses”, ou apoiam o crescimento do campo como um todo. Acreditamos que essas empresas têm a capacidade de gerar benefícios econômicos, sociais e ambientais, contribuindo para o desenvolvimento sustentável do Brasil e de outros países emergentes.

APIMEC Nacional

A Apimec Nacional was established in June 1988, with the purpose to integrate the Regional Apimecs: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Northeast, South and Brasília. It is the self-regulator of Brazilian investment analysts and focuses its activities on the certification and supervision of professionals, institutional representation vis-à-vis government and market entities, and international interchanges with other analysts’ societies throughout the world. Apimec has the responsibility to set rules related to the implementation of the certification program aimed at the achievement of the CNPI - Certificado Nacional do Profissional de Investimentos (national certification) and the CIIA - Certified International Investment Analyst. While Apimec was already accredited as the certification entity under the Brazilian Securities Commission, as of October 2010, Apimec assumed the position of self-regulator by delegation. The focus of Apimec´s self-regulatory activity will be the guarantee of independence of opinion, transparency in situations of conflict of interest and symmetrical access to information.

Brain Brasil

Founded in March 2010, BRAiN – Brasil Investiments & Business – has the mission to articulate and catalyze the consolidation of Brazil as an international business and investments hub, with a regional focus in Latin America, but with global connections and projection. Conceived by three key-entities of the financial and capital markets of the country – ANBIMA (Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities), BM&FBOVESPA (Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange) and FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks) – BRAiN is an association representing several sectors of society and has the sponsorship and participation of various private institutions.


EMPEA is the global industry association for private capital in emerging markets. We are an independent non-profit organization with over 300 member firms, comprising institutional investors, fund managers and industry advisors, who together manage more than US$1 trillion of assets and have offices in more than 100 countries across the globe. Our members share EMPEA’s belief that private capital is a highly suited investment strategy in emerging markets, delivering attractive long-term investment returns and promoting the sustainable growth of companies and economies. We support our members through global authoritative intelligence, conferences, networking, education and advocacy.


Since being founded in July 2012, the Colombian Association of Private Equity, ColCapital, has focused on fostering, developing and promoting the integrated needs of private equity funds industry in Colombia. ColCapital brings together various industry participants including Associates - general partners, and Affiliates - professional services firms pursuing the common goal to achieve development industry Private Equity Funds in Colombia. A January 2015 ColCapital has 73 members, 34 general partners of private equity funds with USD 5,9 Billions under management and 39 Affiliates – services providers. The Association also aims to increase the flow of capital into industry through the promotion and participation of the local and global investment community as well as position and promote the industry among other actors in the economy and relevant stakeholders. Alternatively, ColCapital promotes best practices in the industry for managing professional and academic knowledge, as well as disseminating significant information about development.


The Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC), a non-profit organization, is Brazil's main center for the development of best Corporate Governance practices. The IBGC organizes talks, lectures, forums, conferences, training courses and networking events for professionals, publishes books and conducts researches. The Institute also offers a Certification Program for Directors and Fiscal Council members, offering additional insight into a range of issues vital to improving their business performance. Those who receive the certificate become members certified of the IBGC Director Recruiting service Database. Based in São Paulo, the IBGC has seven regional Chapters located in Ceará, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. It is currently hosting the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Brazil and is part of the network of Latin American Corporate Governance Institutes (IGCLA) and the Global Network of Director Institutes (GNDI), a group that includes corporate governance and board of directors' institutes from around the world. Since November 27, 1995, the Institute has been supporting sustainable development and influencing the agents in our society to drive greater transparency, fairness and responsibility.


The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA) is a not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting the growth of the private equity and venture capital industry in Latin America. LAVCA’s membership is comprised of over 160 firms, from leading global investment firms active in the region to local fund managers from Mexico to Argentina. Member firms control assets in excess of US$60b, directed at capitalizing and growing Latin American businesses. LAVCA also collaborates with a range of partner organizations dedicated to developing the industry through capacity building, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.


IBRI (Investor Relation’s Brazilian Institute) was founded on June 5, 1997 for enhancing the role of the community of Investor Relations professionals in the Brazilian Capital Markets and to contribute to its strengthening and improvement. In 2017, IBRI is going to celebrate 20 years since our foundation. IBRI’s philosophy of work includes raising the profile of partnerships with entities in the domestic and international markets which have common objectives with the IR area. In this context, IBRI believes that the partnerships which have been established have generated value for the members as well as contributed to enriching the technical discussions with official bodies – with which IBRI has signed agreements – such as the CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission). On June 28 and 29, 2016, the 18th National Investor and Capital Markets Relations Meeting was held. This annual event is the largest of its kind in Latin America with an audience of more than 500 professionals. The 19th National Investor Relations Meeting is scheduled to take place on June 21 and 22, 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Private Equity Insigths

Private Equity Insights is a dedicated Private Equity platform operating across Europe and South East Asia. At our distinguished, regionally-focused events, we gather together the most significant players from throughout the PE industry for a day of enriching panel discussions, inspiring keynotes, and highly valuable networking opportunities. We now organise ten conferences per year, in Germany, France, Benelux, Poland & CEE, Switzerland, Iberia, Italy, UK, the Nordics, and South East Asia. We bring together over 50 speakers at each event and more than 250 attendees from Private Equity Funds, Limited Partners, Funds of Funds, Venture Capitalists, CEOs of PE-backed companies, startups, Business Angels, and many more. With 80+ LPs, 60+ GPs, and 60+ CxOs, our conferences are providing real networking opportunities and opening doors throughout the global Private Equity market.









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